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Start Date: Jan 2016
Conservation of biodiversity of the Dniester River. Measures to increase the number of members of ra...
Start Date: Jul 2015
Consolidation between NGO and local public authorities and activation of civil society in the strugg...
Start Date: Jul 2015
MEGA Game: Strengthening Environmental Governance in Moldova through Innovative E-learning and Colla...
Start Date: Feb 2015
Building Stakeholder Capacity – Key Element for the Environmental Governance of the Lower Prut Reg...
Start Date: Feb 2015
Enforcing the Environmental Governance in Moldova by involving public in Environmental Impact Assess...
Start Date: Feb 2015
Monitoring for better environmental governance
Start Date: Feb 2015
National Environmental Agenda: through communication towards better environmental governance
Start Date: Jul 2014
Conservation of Biodiversity in the Prut River basin
Start Date: May 2014
Our rivers - a challenge for transboundary waters
Start Date: Mar 2014
Creation, restoration and protection of semi-natural ecosystems and green spaces in the internationa...
Start Date: Feb 2014
Developing organic agriculture in combination with renewable energy sources
Start Date: Sept 2013
Forming the National Ecological Network – contribution at the local and national levels.
Start Date: Sept 2013
The promotion of demonstration and development of low-carbon technology transfer by implementing the...
Start Date: Aug 2013
First Regional Ecological Centre of Social Innovation: promotion of ecological technologies for the ...


Mr. Denis Parea
National Coordinator
Phone: +373 22 839-876
Fax: +373 22 839-876
Ms. Irina Pinzaru
Programme Assistant
Phone: +373 22 839876
Fax: +373 22 839876
65 Stefan cel Mare Blvd., of. 511,ChisinauMD-2001


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