International Waters
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Start Date: Nov 2003
Projet pilote pour la protection du littoral d'Aghir a Djerba contre l'érosion marine par la techni...
Start Date: Jan 2003
Participatory Sustainable Water Resources Management in Upper Wang Basin
Start Date: May 2002
Stabilization of Isfana River Ecosystem.
Start Date: Mar 2002
Pilot Project for Rehabilitation of Marine Resources of the Persian Gulf in Salakh Region (Qeshm Isl...
Start Date: Dec 2002
CBO Capacity-building on Natural Resources Management
Start Date: Dec 2002
Organic Fertilizer and Substance for Environment Conservation
Start Date: Dec 2002
Project for Wetland Management in Ing Sub-Basin
Start Date: Dec 2002
Recycling Center
Start Date: Nov 2001
Arrangement of the River Naujoji Agluona Valley and Planting of Greenery by Community Efforts
Start Date: Oct 2001
Study of the Persian Gulf Marine Ecology & the Local Community (Corals and Their Relationship with t...
Start Date: Apr 2000
Coastal ecosystem rehabilitation and protection in Mahdia beach dunes
Start Date: Dec 2000
Demonstration in Mersin - Bozyazi, the ecological and socio-economic importance of the Small Coasta...
Start Date: Nov 1999
Agroecological production and commercialization In San Lucas Tolimán, sololá
Start Date: Nov 1999
Coffee pulp and water wastes process management, in Community Aldea La Esperanza, El Rodeo, San Marc...
Start Date: Nov 1999
Compost production at Zunil, Quetzaltenango