International Waters
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Start Date: Sept 2010
Promoting and Instilling Awareness for Waste Management /Communities of Cholburi ICM
Start Date: Aug 2010
Rehabilitating Community Forest for Life and Environment / Li Watershed Community Forest Network ...
Start Date: Jun 2010
Sustainable Fishery Resource Conservation, Utilization and Livelihoods Improvement
Start Date: May 2010
The Implementation and use of Bio-Engineering Techniques geared towards the Management of Water ways...
Start Date: Apr 2010
Safe anchouring and fisheries habitat' development in Halah-Socotra
Start Date: Mar 2010
Investigation and Control of Land-based Pollution in the Coastal Area of Dalian
Start Date: Mar 2010
Protecting Save River (international waters) through effluent re-use and maintaining biodiversity th...
Start Date: Mar 2010
Rehabilitation of agricultural lands through application of biological ponds for domestic wastewater...
Start Date: Dec 2010
Lining Irrigation Canals in Qena Villages
Start Date: Jan 2010
Alternative Energy for Communities in Kham-Kok-Lao-Ing Basin
Start Date: Jan 2010
Conservation and Protection of Bulaklakin Reef Fish Sanctuary
Start Date: Jan 2010
Enhancing transparency of fees, collected from visitors to the mazar “Shudugor-Ata” to preserve...
Start Date: Jan 2010
Participatory Management of Watershed by Indigenous Knowledge
Start Date: Aug 2009
Creation of sustainable campsite area and center of informal education on the shores of lake “Begl...
Start Date: Jul 2009
Adduction d'eau potable à Kossouma, commune rurale de Nema-Badenya Kafo,cercle de Djénné