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Start Date: Feb 2022
Increasing awareness of menstrual waste and inclusion of vulnerable groups of women through the prod...
Start Date: Sept 2020
Promoting Sustainable Organic Farming for the people in and around April Valley and East Honiara
Start Date: Jul 2020
Promoting organic farming in Dobi and Pagadna communities in Gwagwalada Area Council of FCT
Start Date: May 2019
Creating awareness to build a movement for organic agriculture for health and sustainable environmen...
Start Date: May 2019
Rehabilitation of mined-out areas and mercuric mine tailing in Gbane in the Talensi district.
Start Date: Apr 2019
Alternative business opportunities for ASGM-ers.
Start Date: Apr 2019
Eliminating mercury use through capacity strengthening and livelihoods improvement
Start Date: Apr 2019
Gold extraction without mercury
Start Date: Apr 2019
Orientation and attitude change trainings
Start Date: Apr 2019
Trainings on alternative income generating activities for ASGM-ers
Start Date: Feb 2019
Documentation and Capacity Development of Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners for Transparent Governanc...
Start Date: Dec 2019
Contribution à l’autonomisation des personnes handicapées à travers la pratique d’une agricul...
Start Date: Jan 2019
Establishment of a system for collecting and dealing with waste bulbs and fluorescent lamps as part ...