Below you can search our historical project database by Key Word, Region, Area of Work and/or Operational Phase. Once you hit the search button, the projects that match your search criteria will display and you will have the option to further refine the results using the menu on the left hand side of the page. Additionally, you will be able to sort the results list by using the column headers at the top of the list of projects.

Since SGP started operations since 1992, you will find that some of the earlier projects will contain less data than some of our more current projects. Please also note that as projects are in various stages of implementation and may not contain any data at this given time. As projects are updated, any newly added data will be reflected in this section.

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San José, Costa Rica, 11 de octubre 2016 Mesa de Trabajo en el Taller sobre los Derechos de los Agricultores y las Agricultoras en Costa Rica- Agricultores y agricultoras nacionales, tomadores de decisiones y otros actores relevantes, intercambiaron experiencias e ideas, con el propósito de implementar un plan de trabajo que promueva sus derechos, y contribuya a la conservación, uso sostenible de la agrobiodiversidad, seguridad alimentaria y nutricional, y al cumplimiento de los Objetivos de Desarrollo
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