Eritrea community celebrating the arrival of solar equipmentSince Eritrea enjoys sunny weather most of the year, solar energy is a good alternative for lighting rural households. This inspired the Qnafna development committee to partner with UNDP- GEF Small Grants Programme, the Ministry of Energy and Mines and the local administration in providing solar photovoltaic panels to communities.

One of the elders, Keshi Tsegay Gezehey said “I feel so happy and I cannot fully express my gratitude because we have been waiting for three years to have solar energy in our homes. With the support of our partners, I have been able to see this day at the age of 87.” For 85 years old Adey Asli Berhane, solar energy will change the lives of women. “We have been using cow dung as fuel since it was the most affordable and accessible in our neighbourhood. We were suffering from the smoke and it affected our health. Use of solar energy will improve the quality of our lives.”

The full original article is published by UNDP Eritrea "Eritrea kicks off low carbon solar systems for rural homes in Qnafna".